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We define REDEMPTIVE as a group of rebellious teenagers that concerns the world and the society, “Fresh and distinctive, young and mature.” The brand enriched those fresh blood in this era that are brave seeking breakthroughs and pursuing freedom. Designer loved to do reflection through creative work and brought out the unique story by the brand.  "Emotions”, “Energy” and “Excitation” are the core values of REDEMPTIVE. We aim to express the emotions through our designs, import new and positive energy and excite all of your imagination, thus boost your momentum to explore new possibilities. There are unlimited new things happen everyday and time never stopped due to anyone’s command. Loads of stuff are being forgotten by people under this fast-moving pace. We hope we could raise the awareness towards some unseen and unheard social issues through our design and yet, output positivity and energy. This is what the meaning of REDEMPTIVE and what we are pursuing.


REDEMPTIVE focus on the practical style and would like to strike a balance between personality and wearability while providing high-fashioned street style combining with outdoor sports elements. Through the coordination of cutting, scale, details and colour tone, the layering and futurism could be enhanced. The iconic silhouette dropped shoulder design of REDEMPTIVE symbolised invisible pull and resistance in growing-up.   It stands for these new blood that bravely seeks to break through and pursues freedom. That also represented those adventurous Chinese teens trying hard to upstream in the era.


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