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AW 2024


REDEMPTIVE AW24 “THE FEARLESSLY DISTINCT'' is about exploring the sensual relationship between garments and the wearers, the brand continues to alter the self-expression of rebellious new generation, through transformative details and structures to re-invented classics.


This season takes inspiration from the sculptures of artists Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini. Their unique artistic style inspires our thoughts on distorted realities, unknown possibilities, and the diversity of innovation. This realization highlights how each object undergoes unique changes and transformations under different influences, carrying infinite potential.

The highlight of this season is the use of detachable straps. We have transformed the concept of straps into a way to explore clothing, incorporating them throughout the collection and extending their presence to outerwear pieces such as pilot jackets and trench coats. 


By breaking traditional boundaries and constraints through garment combinations and pairings, we provide more adjustability to individual pieces. This freedom of combination not only caters to different body types but also allows garments to present multiple forms and variations when worn, encouraging people to express themselves. Additionally, we blend various materials such as eco-dyed fabrics, nylon, wool, eco-leather, denim, and treated fabrics with washed and distressed effects, reinterpreting the brand's rebellious genes.

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