''REDEMPTIVE'' is a Hong Kong-based menswear label established in 2018, founded by Wilson Choi. REDEMPTIVE aims to provide high-end fashion in street style and to emphasize the practicality and quality of garments. Also, ''REDEMPTIVE'' is dedicated to researching and exploring the possibilities of high-tech fashion. The distinct aesthetic is achieved by playing great attention to small details in all of the designs and creating a twist in an unexpected and modern way.

The brand creative style is based on a rebellious young generation, inspiration mostly comes from social issues such as contemporary events. Fashion is an intriguing way of thinking, not just about the peripheral sensation, each collection has its own story to tell. The designer believes that the young generation has a youthful rebellious personality also with a heart that pays attention to the world. They bravely pursue the spirit of breakthrough and freedom, which is exactly the same as the brand philosophy. The designer hopes to bring new impacts to the society through creation so as to break the old stereotype.